A little about my passion
Almost every time I speak about what I do, people in front of me seem to be moving uncomfortably in their chairs. Not because they do not like what they hear, rather the contrary--their bodies are wanting, sometimes craving to be touched ...
Most of us confuse massage for self-indulgence but it is a routine maintenance of body and mind. And even if it is self-indulgent, there's no shame in that ...
The love of massage and a true desire to help people inspired me to enter this profession, or more-so, an undertaking.
I guess that when you lay down on the treatment bed at the Ashram, you will feel my love for what I do. I'm excited again and again with each treatment, and my patients can feel it; they claim they receive "just what they needed".
For me, every person is a world. I examine their needs and 'perscribe' the appropriate treatment.
Normally I'd choose a combination treatment that includes a number of methods such as Shiatsu, Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, Twina, Theta Healing and more.

Things to know
Perfect Treatment Requires Cooperation
Do not be shy to ask your therapist any questions occurring to you before, during, or after treatment
• Are you currently taking any medication
• Is your skin especially sensitive.
• Do you suffer from Tinea or Varicose
• If you dealt in sports activities of any kind please be sure to rest between half an hour to an hour prior.
• Cool down your body before treatment, e.g. shower and sufficient fluid intake
• It is advised not to eat an hour before treatment
• Alcohol consumption before treatment is not recommended.
• Skin diseases and areas with open sores may not be treated, depending on type and severity of condition
• It is recommended to wait one to two hours before washing the body after treatment with oils
• Stay out of the sun after Pealing or Oil treatment

Massage by Feet
Is a particularly powerful treatment.
Many of us come to situations in which every part of the body hurts or contracted. Following this, the mind is closed and not open to receiving new energies. Step massage is recommended for those who other methods are not enough for.
If you need a touch of power and strength, you are invited to be released from any tensions in a massage in which I combine hands and feet (yes, feet!) techniques, to dissolve any ache a conventional treatment could not reach…
Duration of 90 minutes.
Price 350 NIS

Deep Tissue
Method of massage that focuses on releasing emotional repression and emotional tension. This treatment will encourage you to break free from the pressures of the day and will prepare you for the next…
Duration of 75 minutes.
Price 300 NIS


Millennium-old treatment method ranging from a Japanese body massage with influences of Chinese medicine ...
Similar to other methods originating in the Far East, the reference is towards energy channels (meridians). The treatment is done by applying pressure on blocked points using thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and feet...
The goal is to stop circulation for a few seconds, then release pressure and open the flow of renewed energy blockages.
Shiatsu meets the need of modern touch and is a staple element needed for physical and mental functioning as much as air, food and water ...
It helps with disease prevention, soothes and helps in solving a wide range of emotional and physical issues.
Duration of 75 minutes.
Price 300 NIS


Body Peeling
Our body, just like our face, needs tender care to maintain vitality. Pregnancies, weight loss, overly-hot baths, sun and natural aging process- these factors promote the loss of our skin's natural elasticity ... Areas needing more attention are cellulite-prone and excess fat, feet, and dry skin areas ...
Step One
Peeling is applied in circular, gentle massage with lotion or oil blend along with natural granules or Dead Sea salt..
Step two
Shower without soap to remove granules ..
Step Three
After shower while oils are still steeped in the skin, a gentle and pampering massage
Post Peeling: body massage using refreshing aromatic oils...
Price 200 NIS
Natural and unique, by pressing massaging and moving the feet, balance is achieved in all body systems represented in the different areas of the foot, the treatment will conduct feelings of peace and calm accompanied by the flow of new forces.
* Recommended for those interested in de-stressing.
Price 300 NIS

Pregnancy Massage
Supportive, caring and loving, relieves stress and physical fatigue, muscle and joint pain caused by postural changes and heightened weight during pregnancy.
This treatment can only be performed up to 16th week of pregnancy ... Massage is done with oil rich in skin-nourishing vitamin E.
Duration of treatment: 60 minutes
Price 300 NIS

Lymphatic Massage
Essentially a special technique performed manually, which requires accurate knowledge-based soft movements, circular and spiral, and performed intensively on lymph nodes centres. There are four important effects to Lymphatic massage:
First, The massage stimulates the lymphatic circulation, absorbs fluid and macro-molecules passing through a breach or burst capillaries. The massage will aid in reducing swells, even those that are not visible. Treatment is recommended even in cases of swelling after surgery or post-traumatic conditions such as bone fracture; you will experience a significant relief in pain and swelling and recovery is quicker.
Two. To stimulate the immune system against increase in lymphocytes and white blood cells.
Three. Cellular tissue regeneration
Four. As much as stimulating, the treatment aids in calming of the nervous system, by allowing a stronger energy flow through the system
Duration of treatment: 45-60 minutes
Price 300 N

Musical Massage
Use of music as therapy to improve physical and mental health is almost as old as humanity itself .
In modern times music for healing has officially proven to improve mental and emotional functioning and increases the release of endorphins.
Treatment by music combines our “gut” with our mind to heighten our mood. Listening to music, we experience a surge of energy and relaxation at one and the same time.
The massage combines sounds and sensations during which the therapist’s hands will flow on your body in perfect harmony.
The thrill of drumbeat and the caress of violins will give various rhythms and a variety of strengths to sweep you through this exciting dance.
Duration: 75 minutes
Price 300 NIS

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